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We understand that the foundation of a solid content marketing strategy is your website.   Your website needs to be the authoritative voice for your brand.

Your website needs to provide the information your customers need to make an informed decision about your services or products, and good content is the key to Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

We create content that helps you do all of those things.

What are some criteria for great website content?

There are many factors to take into account when creating content for your website and paying attention to the following will help to make your content both useful for your site visitors and contribute to a solid content marketing and SEO strategy:


Your customers are researching your product and services on-line.  We ensure that your website gives them all the information they need to make an informed decision to work with you.   We fully describe your products or services within the context of your brand and our experience in technology, manufacturing, and specialized industries mean we are able to tackle technical or specialist information easily.

Well Organized

It's not all about volume of content - having a sensible structure to the information on your website not only makes it easier for your site visitors to find what they need, but it also helps search engines to categorize the information on your website and to understand the context within which the information is presented.  We create content that makes use of appropriate and consistent formatting, tagging and structure, resulting in a website that is both accessible and searchable. 

The outcome: both people and search engines find your information useful.


Quality content establishes you (or your business) as an expert resource that your customers and prospects can rely on for relevant information about the services or products you provide.  


Throughout our content creation process we balance the quality of information being provided with a tone and voice that is appropriate for your desired audience and in line with your organization or company's brand.  This ensures that your website content demonstrates the personality that you wish to portray.


In all cases we use a combination of text, visual and multimedia elements to ensure that your content is properly illustrated, and that the right medium is used to convey each message (thanks Marshall).