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How can Getting Brighter help me with Social Media?

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Getting Brighter has over 15 years of social media expertise and we can help you to build a strategy that supports your overall brand, SEO strategy and marketing strategies.  Specifically we offer the following services:

  • Defining a social media strategy - Defining your goals for social media, identifying the most appropriate platforms according to your resources, creating strategies to build your audience and communities and identifying tools to help you get the job done.
  • Building a content plan - planning content that will provide value to your audience and that will support your brand and marketing strategies.
  • Building a social media engagement plan - Identifying resources (internal or external) to ensure you stay on plan, creating social media policies for your organization so that everyone understands their roles, and documenting your plan for various scenarios that you may encounter along the way.
  • Content creation - Authoring and creating relevant, sharable and informative content that supports your brand, your strategy and content plan.
  • Community management - Acting as your voice for social media, ensuring that your engagement plan is implemented and that your brand is fully engaged on the platforms you choose.

Why should I use social media to promote my business?

Social Media can be a very effective way to amplify your message, and to extend your conversations.  Done correctly, social media gives you a tool to engage in meaningful conversations with people who are interested in your business and to attract a new audience.  In some cases, social media gives you the means to build a community of people that are predisposed to using your services or buying your products.  

As with any other tool, there are best practices that you can pay attention to that will help you to get the most benefit:

Be Proactive and Engaged

Post interesting content - stay on topic and on brand and work within a strategy that supports your brand.  If you can't answer the question "how does this build momentum for my business" reconsider.

Once you've started the conversation - stay engaged and be ready to respond to comments, and questions that may come up through social channels. 

Consider using tools to help you stay in touch with any mentions of your brand.  The expectation is that you will respond to both criticism and praise in a positive and constructive way.

Choose your "channels" wisely

Not every social media platform (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, yelp etc...) is right for your business.  The question to ask yourself is "where are my customers and prospects" and go there.  Wasting resources developing a presence on a platform where your clientele is not engaged can be both costly and damaging to your brand.

Be Strategic

Build a plan as part of your overall marketing strategy and stick to it...But don't miss the chance to augment your plan with ad-hoc engagement when opportunity presents itself.