How can I make my website rank better with Google?

If you are asking this question, then you are in the right place, and Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the answer.  But (I hear you ask) what is Search Engine Optimization?  Simply put, SEO is the sum and total of all the best practices that you can employ in, on, and related to your website that will help search engines (not just Google) to:

  1. Understand what your business is, what services or products you offer
  2. Understand where you offer your products or services and for whom
  3. Present the most appropriate pages from your website when someone searches for the products and services you offer

Our approach to SEO

We work closely with our clients to accurately convey their brand, products and services and business model through their website with high quality content that is directed specifically to their clients.  This approach which takes customer experience and your business model and marketing goals into account is the basis for our SEO strategy.  

Specifically we concentrate on the following:

  • Understanding your brand and brand strategy
  • Understanding your marketing strategy and approach
  • Understanding your customers - why they buy, when and how
  • The things that set you apart from your competitors

And we use this understanding to inform the rest of our approach including:

The result of our efforts is a website that demonstrates your expertise, that articulates the advantages of your business clearly and presents your business as an authority on the products and services you offer.  Finally we work with you to build a strategy to generate the kinds of positive trust signals that are encouraged by Search Engines (thinks like great reviews and other positive relevant links to your content).

The interesting thing is that the straight forward approach that we have always taken with SEO is also one that minimizes risk for our clients.  

  • We don't employ SEO tactics that could translate to penalties for our clients down the road
  • Our clients can be assured that our strategies will not become ineffective which changes to search algorithms used by Google, Bing or Others.  

In fact the strategies we have always employed have been endorsed by both Google and Bing in the most recent Google webmaster guidelines  and Bing Webmaster Guidelines (documents that we adhere to for all of our clients)  

Our SEO Services and Pricing

Project Based Pricing

Getting Brighter offers standard SEO packages (details below) but many clients prefer a project approach that provides a more customized and integrated solution.

Our SEO projects start with a discussion about your business, your customers and your objectives. From there we will make recommendations and suggest the specific strategies we can employ to address your SEO objectives.  You will be provided with a clear roadmap, pricing and specific timelines in line with your budget so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. 

Typically projects can include site redesign work, site-mapping, content authoring, and other content marketing services as well as search marketing and analytics.

Once we agree on the objectives, strategies and timelines Getting Brighter will complete your SEO project on time and on budget.

Email or call us today to discuss your specific needs.     647-223-9703  or

Small/Medium Business Packages

These packages are designed as a starting point for small to medium sized businesses with a modest web presence consisting of  approximately 10-20 individual pages and can be tailored to better meet your needs and objectives. For ecommerce sites, smaller or larger sites please call us today to discuss your options.

The Basic Package is for the business owner who manages their own website and needs some guidance for improving their site optimization. This package includes a site findings report and basic site recommendations report derived from technical analysis of the site identifying specific actions that the site owner can implement.

The Full Package is for the business owner who manages their own website and would like very specific recommendations for improving their site optimization. This package includes a full business review, and full and specific recommendations for all on-site SEO elements based on competitive analysis, keyword/phrase research, and technical analysis.

The Comprehensive Package includes everything from the Full Package but in lieu of a site recommendations report, Getting Brighter completes all the on-site SEO recommended actions (exclusive of content development)

Download the package pricing guide here