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How can Getting Brighter help me with

my email marketing?

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Getting Brighter can help you build an effective strategy for email marketing including:

  • Identifying goals and outcomes - we can help you identify your key objectives for your list, and to build strategies to help you meet those objectives.
  • List Management & Segmentation - we can help you to get more value from your list through profiles and segmentation allowing you to better target your marketing messages and get better results.
  • Identifying tools and services - Based on your email marketing objectives Getting Brighter can help you find the right services and tools to meet your needs.
  • Newsletter / Marketing campaign creation - Don't have time to manage your list, send out your newsletter or create an email marketing campaign?  let us do it for you.

Why should I have a mailing list?

There are several great reasons why you should be growing an email list, not least of which is that good email marketing just works and is an integral part of your content and search optimization strategy.  Here are a few others:

You own the list

Unlike any other tool that you may use to promote your business, so long as you take reasonable precautions, you own your list.  

Social media platforms have come and gone in the past and will likely do so in the future and when they go, your contacts go with them.  A mailing list is something that stays with you.

Email Marketing is really flexible

Whether you are simply sending out a monthly newsletter or if you are engaging in multiple email drip marketing campaigns, your email list can adapt to each scenario.  

By using different tools you can engage with your list in as simple or as sophisticated way as you like.

Email has a low opportunity cost

Creating an email campaign is comparatively easy and not as resource intensive as other marketing efforts.

it's easy to time, segment, and target to exactly the right audience with little effort, while returns and engagement are fairly immediate.