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How can getting Brighter Help Me with Landing Pages?

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As part of an overall content marketing and Search Optimization strategy, Getting Brighter can help you to plan and create landing pages that integrate into your website, analytics, and mailing list strategy to help you build high authority pages designed to attract specific search traffic, to build your mailing list, or move website visitors into your email marketing campaigns.

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are website pages that your prospects or customers are directed to either from another part of your website, from your blog, from social media or through your email/newsletter communications.  They typically have a very specific objective or goal which could include any of the following:

  • obtaining an order
  • obtaining a new mailing list subscriber
  • moving a contact into a specific segment of your mailing list
  • initiating a sales call
  • obtaining a lead

In general, there is some call to action that the page prompts the visitor to the page to complete.

If the goal is specifically to obtain the visitors email address for future marketing efforts this specific type of landing page is sometimes referred to as a squeeze page.

Why are Landing Pages important?

Landing pages are important in that they transform your website from merely a brochure to a lead generation and sales engine.  Landing pages are used for many reasons:

  • They are highly measurable - analytics can tell you exactly how many visitors you have had to the page and so can give you a good measure of how successful a specific marketing effort has been.  They along with goals within your analytics strategy, are critical to being able to measure ROI for these campaigns.
  • Specific intent - because the page has only one primary purpose, the content of the page can be very specific to that intent, and the page design is entirely focused on the desired outcome.
  • Advertising - any advertising campaign relies on landing pages to both ensure that the campaign is seen by the intended audience, and to measure it's effectiveness.