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What is Email Marketing?

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"hey wait a minute" we hear you saying, "haven't you already talked about having a mailing list?"

Well astute reader - you are correct, so how is email marketing different from Newsletters and Mailing Lists? you may ask...

  1. Email Marketing (sometimes called a drip campaign) is an automated or pre-set strategy for engaging with prospects and clients through email communication.
  2. It is different from a newsletter (although a newsletter may be a part of the email marketing strategy) in that the communications being sent out are sequential, time dependant, and have a specific goal or outcome. These email communications are sometimes driven by automated tools called autoresponders.
  3. In more sophisticated campaigns email marketing may have complex logic attached to it that is driven by interaction with email, website and sometimes even off-line interactions with your business.
  4. Email marketing usually relies on 3rd party tools such as Aweber, Mailchimp, or CRM and marketing systems such as or
  5. In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have most of the other pieces of your content marketing strategy fully planned and/or deployed.

How can Getting Brighter help you with your email marketing strategy?

In order to help you plan an effective email marketing strategy, Getting Brighter works closely with you to accomplish the following:

  • Assess your business objectives and create a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Evaluate your current website and mailing list as well as the other aspects of your content marketing strategy to help you prepare for an email marketing campaign.
  • Assess your list segmentation (see mailing lists) and make recommendations to ensure that campaigns reach the right audience.
  • Campaign mapping - planning which communications will be sent to whom (along with understanding why and when).
  • Evaluate available tools based on your mailing list and business objectives and recommend the appropriate solution.
  • Implement the campaigns and develop the associated landing pages that will form the email marketing strategy.
  • Create Promotional Content to drive interaction at various stages of your email marketing map.
  • Evaluate business procedures for lead management and sales to ensure that email campaigns have a positive impact on sales.