Your Business Should Not Advertise with Google - 5 Reasons

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Your Business Should Not Advertise with Google - 5 Reasons

Gaining market share, building brand exposure, getting new leads, selling products, and booking new business may all seem like great reasons to consider advertising on Google AdWords.  Add to that the ability to target your ads directly to people searching for exactly the products and services you offer in the locations and at the times that matter most to you and you may be thinking that advertising with AdWords is pretty much a slam-dunk.  Before you jump to that conclusion however we encourage you to consider the following.....

5. Your Customers Just Aren't There

This may resonate with you if your company sells exclusively business-to-business or business-to-consumer (for both retailers at a storefront or online retailers).  Google’s own statistics clearly back up this claim.  Consider the following:

  • As many as 11% of business-to-business decision makers DO NOT research purchasing decisions on-line*

  • A massive 29% of business purchasing decisions DO NOT start with a simple web search.*

  • In a recent survey, only about 59% of Canadian consumers surveyed use their smartphone to browse for products*

  • When you combine those that research and buy on-line with those that only research on-line before making a specific purchase you only have about 55% of consumers that research on-line before they buy.*

4.  B2B Customers just go to the store or supplier they know and buy what they need

We all know this instinctively because we all do it.  In business there is no time for informed choices and comparison shopping.  If you need a widget, you go to the nearest widget store and buy it - end of story.   Once again, the data backs us up:

In fact, almost 10% of B2B researchers who are on-line DO NOT use search specifically to research business purchases.*

Even those B2B researchers that (for some reason) do research on-line, ONLY do TWELVE SEARCHES prior to engaging on a specific brand's site.*

3.  No One Searches For A Local Business

This one is a no-brainer really.  Why would anyone want to buy from a business when they are near it?  Especially if you can see that that business has exactly what you’re looking for.  

  • Only 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day*

  • Almost 28% of consumers who searched for local information on their smartphone DIDN’T visit a store within an 8km radius.*

Advertising with AdWords allows you to target your ads to either desktop or mobile devices near your store locations; which would only result in influencing customers that were likely to buy at your location.

2.  On-line Advertising Doesn't Work

When people search for the products and services you offer there is really no need to try and present them with useful information about your products and services.  Either they know about you already or they will find you eventually.  Even if you choose to advertise on-line, how would you measure it?

Besides...according to a recent study only 37% of searches on a mobile device resulted in a conversion (visited a store website, visited a store, made a purchase, called a business or downloaded something)*

Of those conversions - only 75% happened within ONE HOUR...only 75%..*

When you factor in the conversion tracking tools that allow you to track specific conversion metrics, an on-line advertiser would only be able to attribute close to 100% of their on-line conversions that were a result of an adwords campaign.

1. Our Business Just Can’t Afford Any More Business

And really...who doesn't feel this way almost all the time?

The Truth about AdWords

AdWords is a really effective way to promote your business to consumers and buyers at businesses that are searching for the products and services you offer.  

If you have considered advertising using Google Adwords, let the AdWords Certified people at Getting Brighter help you get the best value and return on your advertising spend.  

Email us today at to get started.

*The statistics in this tongue-in-cheek article are derived from the resources available at Think With Google which you can find here

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