Your business is your business - 5 marketing mistakes local businesses make

Posted by Keith Jolie on Thursday, June 21, 2012 Under: Content Marketing
Imagine that you have a book store - a successful one.  It's because books are your passion.  You have great books from all through time, and you take pride in providing a carefully curated list of books that people can trust will be exceptional literature.  You spend a great deal of time reading each book that you stock, and because of that you have established a trusted name in your niche.

Now imagine that someone came into your store and told you that starting tomorrow, you would also need to bind all the books that you sold... and print them too.

"but I don't have a printing press!" you object
"and I don't know HOW to bind a book"

But before you can argue any further, printing materials and binding materials are dropped on your doorstep - and there you are.

With advertising, social media, brand building and web media - many people who are very talented in their business or speciality have had marketing and advertising added to their responsibilities. Advertising and Marketing very often are not a business owners passion.

Having a trusted advisor that can help you make sense of it all, can help you avoid these five mistakes that I see a lot of small businesses make:

5.  Words words words - there is such a thing as too much.  Advertising and Marketing is about being clear concise and making a connection with your intended audience.  Whether it be your menu if you're a restaurant or your brochure if you're a services business - Keep it short and focus on what you do best.

4.  Worried that you might miss someone?!  When you're talking about what you do, don't be too concerned that you'll loose a customer by forgetting to list one of your services - Focus on the things you do really well and tell people why you're the best.

3. Not saying anything at all - I recently had a business card dropped in my home mailbox - it had a picture of a beach on the front, a name that didn't describe what the company did at all, and a slogan that read something like "call us for all your home needs".  I have no idea what they do, and I will never call them (except to offer my services).

2.  Pictures for the sake of pictures.  If you're going to use a photo in an ad, make sure it's relevant and helps to communicate your message.  If I see another guy in a business suite running on a race track (see above) or up a mountain I'm going to snap.

1.  Know what your brand is and communicate it - Your brand will help you decide on everything else you do.  Does a guy in a business suit running up a mountain support our brand ? decision made.

The trouble is, when you're busy running your bookstore (or your candy factory or university) that's what you need to concentrate on.  So having a great partner to do all the things (like marketing and advertising) that are not your passion but that can be invaluable to keeping the quality of your business high while also promoting it to the people that will love the care you take doing what you do.

By Keith Jolie

In : Content Marketing 

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