You Can't Specialize in Everything

Posted by Keith Jolie on Monday, August 19, 2013 Under: Brand Building
There's a local mechanic that advertises that they specialize in all makes and models.   An IT services company I worked with proudly proclaimed that they were focussed on small, medium, and enterprise business.  In any smallish town in Canada there is a restaurant that specializes in Chinese and Canadian Food.  I don't even really know what Canadian Food is really, but that's another discussion.

The point is that a specialization by definition is exclusive and limited to something very specific.  Being exclusive and specific is a good thing if you want to be able to focus your marketing and promotional activities.
If you are a business considering your branding, defining a specialty is a great way to start.  Specializing in repairs for BMW's for example, or being focused on small business, or vegetarian food.  

Where many businesses run into difficulties when they try to define their brand is that they are afraid that they may exclude some group of potential clients or another and in doing so they make the description of what they do extremely broad.   So broad that they are unlikely to seriously attract the attention of any one group.

Consider the mechanic that specializes in BMWs.  If you do drive a BMW then you'll be more likely to bring your car there than any number of other general mechanics.   If you don't drive a BMW you may still be compelled to take another European car model there, and indeed the specialization in BMWs may also influence other customers who relate BMW with sophistication or quality.

The question that you need to ask yourself is "what client am I trying to attract to my business?"  Your brand should mirror that desired clientele in some way.   They need to either readily associate themselves with the qualities of your brand or aspire to do so. 

Getting Brighter specializes in helping businesses attract great clients by effectively communicating what they do.

By Keith Jolie

In : Brand Building 

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