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Posted by Keith Jolie on Friday, June 13, 2014 Under: Case Studies: Business
Getting Brighter was approached by one of our clients to help them to brand and market a new service they were offering their clients.   The service involved using technology to allow training students to participate in a class remotely without loosing the interaction that they gain by being in a class and in front of an instructor.

Getting Brighter presented a number of branding options - and once we agreed on one, Getting Brighter suggested that we create a video to introduce the concept.

Video has many advantages over print that were particularly relevant in this case:

1.  Music can be used to help create an emotional element to the communication
2.  A picture (or in this case a video) is worth a thousand words - We could have written a lot of copy to try and describe the experience - but combining a visual of someone using the service with a simple voice-over did a better job in the long run.
3.  The video serves as an ongoing sales tool and resource that is easily shared or incorporated into presentations.

Here's what we came up with - It should be noted, that this entire project had a budget of under $1000

For this project, Getting Brighter:

Created the branding "The Everywhere Classroom" and brand logo
Wrote the script for the video
Shot on premise video
Composed the background music
Recorded and edited the voice-over
Edited the video
Rendered the video into several file formats for re-use.

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