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Posted by Keith Jolie on Monday, April 8, 2013 Under: local business
What a beautiful day on Saturday!  We took the opportunity to walk around our neighbourhood and take in the shops, art galleries and restaurants (great fish and chips in our case) in Leslieville and Riverside.

When I go on these walks I love seeing the ways that the various shops attempt to get their customers attention through signs in the windows and sandwich boards on the sidewalk.  Some are successful, some are not.  On Sandwich Board Saturday I check out a few and give you my take.  Completely un-scientific, kind of fun.

I love the "sorry we're open" at Damzels which immediately gives you a sense of the character of the store you may (or may not) want to enter.

Other vendors (more independent) prefer to take a more .... shall we say... persistent approach with their sales message

 I think this bike is for sale...


From a branding perspective I really liked a couple of signs including this one from "In The Groove". 

I like it because it is so clear about what they do: "Vintage And Collector Records" in yellow, "specializing in premium vinyl LP's"  

From a branding perspective their name is great and these two statements make it pretty clear what they're all about.


Another sandwich board that I've pointed out before is this one for Edward Levesques Kitchen:

Steak...Chick Peas....Alcohol - enough said.

I'm not so sure how effective this is.  Although they do have an incentive to follow them on facebook, a picture of a facebook logo isn't something you can click maybe putting up the page address would help or...go oldschool and put little paper tear offs with your facebook address on it.

The winner of my unofficial best sandwich board message from Saturday however is this one:

Many of the people buying homes in our neighbourhood are new couples often in the midst of having their first child and getting out of a condo situation.  Many parents spend a lot of time researching schools and if you can quickly search mls listing by those school districts then that would be a valuable tool.

I think this service shows that they really understand their market and choosing to highlight this service on their sandwich board on a day when many people are out walking the neighbourhood is a pretty good idea.


Keith Jolie


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