The Importance of Focus

Posted by Keith Jolie on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Under: Content Marketing

Being focussed in your business can't be underestimated.  Some businesses are successful in spite of a lack of focus, but most successful businesses are very clear about what they do, for who, and why.

This is important because it affects everything from your sales to how you service your clients.

In order to sell, you need to be clear about the specific value you provide to a prospective client.  Without being able to clearly articulate your value proposition, you will be hard pressed to convince the client that you are the right solution.

From a marketing perspective - clear focus related to who you sell to, what the product or solution is, and why it's valuable will help you to avoid marketing to the wrong people.  In fact this is probably the greatest value that focus provides a business (especially a start-up or small business with limited resources).  The temptation is to broadcast your message as widely as possible in hopes of attracting any clients that may find your message valuable can lead to spreading your marketing resources too thin.  By not dedicating enough resources to a specific target market can mean that many of your efforts will go unrewarded.  Careful focus however can help you to narrow the market that you address and therefore give you the ability to commit greater resources to converting the most ideal prospects.

From a service perspective, once you have secured a sale you can avoid unsatisfied clients when you have communicated what will be provided as well as what is outside of the scope of your business very clearly.

You should be familiar with the elevator pitch - describing what you do in 30 seconds or less.  I would argue that you likely will not sell many people on your business in 30 seconds, but you will open the discussion.  Furthermore, having a clear definition of what you do will help you to evaluate new business opportunities.  Answering the question of will a new product or service or even potential client add to or distract from your business model?

At Getting Brighter we are focused on defining and communicating your brand to help you attract great clients.  If you're struggling with how to do that for your business - please contact us.

By Keith Jolie

In : Content Marketing 

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