4 Ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Posted by Keith Jolie on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Under: Content Marketing

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for ways to provide better and more valuable services or products for your clients.  If you are in a competitive industry (and who isn't)  then finding an effective way to communicate what you're doing so that you stand out in that marketplace is both difficult and extremely important. 

There are lots of things to take into account, and every situation has its own challenges, but here are four things to consider:

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1.  Avoid generic and industry terminology - When talking about the specific benefits of your product or service, look for ways to set your self apart from your competitors.  For example: if you are a freight company, your new service might be an overnight delivery service, but if you simply call it "overnight" you're not going to grab anyone's attention.  Look for words and ideas that infer overnight in a creative way. If you are in a technical market - be careful not to use industry terminology that your customers won't immediately understand.

2.  Look for ways to communicate the brand in a simple statement - This is your headline and it will serve as an anchor for your other efforts.  It may appear at the top of your brochure, your website (or the page on your website related to your new product/service), and it will frame the understanding that your potential clients will have about the product or service.

3.  Be precise - Any product or service should be able to be clearly articulated in as few words as possible.  Examine your copy looking for repetition, redundancy and meaningless adjectives and adverbs. 

4.  Tell a story - Give your potential clients a narrative that lets them imagine using your product or service and deriving the benefits that your product or service will provide.  This is closely tied to my first two points and means that you're weaving a very clear statement about what makes you unique (and better) into a carefully crafted narrative that paints a picture of your clients life being easier/better/more productive as a result of your company/product/service.

In an upcoming post I'll be talking about some specific projects that Getting Brighter recently completed so be sure to subscribe to this blog and leave your comments/questions below - I want to hear it!

by Keith Jolie

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