Site (re)design, SEO and Adwords - what should I do first?

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Site Design, SEO and Adwords often come up all at once when we meet with clients - and for good reason.  The three are very closely tied together.  If you are interested in building a successful online marketing strategy, the three really need to be considered as the foundation of a comprehensive plan.

The question we often get however is “If I’m considering Adwords, SEO and Site Design, which should I do first?  

As a digital marketing agency, Getting Brighter is in the business of selling Search Advertising like Google Adwords.  That said, we have and will refuse to manage a customer's AdWords Campaigns if we feel that they don’t have the tools they need to succeed, and in the case of Adwords first and foremost that means having an effective website.

At Getting Brighter we see site design and SEO as the foundations that allow for greater success in Adwords.  As early as possible you should give serious consideration to Search Engine Optimization and Site Design as a collective first step towards entering into Search Marketing and here’s why:

SEO can be a great time to evaluate your business as a whole
When we work with clients on Search Engine Optimization, the process always starts with a detailed conversation about who their customers are, where they come from and why they buy.  In our experience the discussions we have about the goals for specific pages on their website, their target customers (personas) and other discussions we have during an SEO engagement often cause our customers to take a fresh look at their business and customers.  They often find that discussion adds value to an already worthwhile process.

Rework is expensive
It is possible to adjust/modify a not-so-great website so that it will work better with adwords and perform better from an SEO perspective. Over time many clients that patch up or neglect a poorly designed site end up having a much larger and more expensive re-design job to complete down the road.   

Good Design and SEO mean a better experience for your customers

SEO has changed a lot over the last 2-3 years.  With every algorithm update from Google the message gets clearer and clearer - Good SEO means providing good relevant information on your site that satisfies questions that search users need answers to.   If your site does that in a way that is easy to navigate, attractive, and that makes it easy to buy from you - your rankings will improve.  But guess what! Even more importantly, your customer experience will improve and you’re likely to have more satisfied clients and more website driven business.  

Why pay for leads and sales when you don’t have to?  

Some companies (especially B2B companies funny enough) don’t give consideration to SEO or Search Marketing.  Some even say things like “we’re strictly B2B - SEO doesn’t impact us”.  Some of you are probably reading that and saying “Really? they say that?!!” and yes...they said that.  Here are just a few questions I like to ask:
  • Outside of buying groceries or other small items, when was the last time you bought anything - product or service - when you didn’t do at least some online research before you did?
  • Do you find your direct sales team is more or less important to your customers as compared with 5 years ago?
  • For customers with a lower volume but high value product or service: If you could get even 1 or 2 new clients from your website each year what would that be worth to you?
  • Organic Search Traffic to your site is pretty much free - If you spend any money at all on advertising (or are considering it) why wouldn’t you invest in making sure your site is easily found by people looking for the products and services you offer?

Designing an effective website presence optimized for search can be a cost effective way to attract new customers directly, but even if you utilize a direct sales model, your website can be an effective tool to shorten your sales cycle, gather leads, and reduce your cost of sales.

Adwords work best with Search Optimized websites
If you are considering investing in Adwords Advertising then you should absolutely pay attention to SEO.  A big part of how Google determines if your ads will run is the quality of the information on the page you are directing any clicks to.  If the page is highly relevant and helps to answer the original search query then you will be more likely to have your ads appear and it will be more likely that users will click on your ad and buy from you.

Good design will save money on Adwords

Not only is it important that your AdWords point to relevant content on your site - but good design and a clear call to action on that page will help you perform better when your ads run.  Good performing high quality ads can be cheaper to run and appear more prevalently than ads directing to a less effective website.

So, what should be your first priority - Design, SEO or Search Marketing?

In general, a usable website where some attention has been paid to SEO should be done before you engage in Search Advertising.

A reputable Marketing Agency (like Getting Brighter) will give you straight goods about how to proceed and won’t try to sell you advertising until your website is ready and they know it will perform well (insider tip - it’s part of the way Google Partners are evaluated by Google).

If you have questions about your website and Google Adwords please feel free to call Getting Brighter today.

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