Five reasons to add video to your marketing strategy

Posted by Keith Jolie on Thursday, February 28, 2013 Under: Content Marketing

If you're consistently communicating a message to clients or other stakeholders about your brand or an initiative within your organization, you may have a standard slide presentation that you use to frame that discussion.  You may be able to accelerate your client discussions by transitioning your presentations to a video format. 

There are lots of advantages to presenting your message through video, here are a few:

1.  Consistent delivery - have you ever given a presentation when you were having an off day?  By producing a video that clearly communicates your brand/product/service, you can ensure that the message is delivered clearly and consistently every time.  You have the opportunity to edit your script to ensure maximum impact and highlighting your call to action. 

2.  The power of the soundtrack - using music, sound effects and a clear voiceover can impart your message with more emotion and impact than a straight slide presentation allows for.

3.  Video gives you more options - A dynamic video presentation can be much more engaging than a typical slide presentation.  Video segments, interviews, pictures, animations, photos and illustrations can all be incorporated into a dynamic video presentation.

4.  Delivery options - Video can be incorporated into your website, embedded in emails, included as part of a lead generation program or in a kiosk at a trade show or other presentation venue.  Since you can embed a video presentation on your website, you increase the ability of your website to sell for you.

5.  Social Media - Video is one of the most effective aspects of a complete social media strategy.   Video posts are more likely to be viewed and shared, and when you use a platform like youtube to disseminate the video you also are afforded clear analytics that will tell you who is watching the video, when and where.

Creating a video presentation for your organization has become a very cost effective option for many organizations and if you're interested in considering whether it might be a good solution for your business/organization, I would be happy to speak with you about your options.

In the next few days I'll be posting a couple of examples of videos created by Getting Brighter for our clients, so be sure to subscribe to the "Ideas from Getting Brighter" blog (if you're reading this on - look for the big red arrow to show you where to sign up.)

by Keith Jolie 

In : Content Marketing 

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