Does your website allow your customers to buy?

Posted by Keith Jolie on Monday, October 29, 2012 Under: Strategies
Think about how you bought your first car or your first cell phone or maybe even your first home.  Chances are that if that purchase happened ten or fifteen years ago your buying process was very different than a similar purchase would look now.

In the past we relied heavily on the advise of others ( salespeople often ) to provide us with the information we needed to make an informed decision.  Fast forward to today where product information and pricing is readily available to anyone that has an internet connection.

Why is it then that websites often do little to inform potential clients and to help them to evaluate our products and services before they buy?  Too often, websites only provide general information about a business and force potential clients to fill out a form or call for more specific information when it could easily be presented on the website.  

Pricing information is the most obvious missing piece in many cases. When searching for a product, if the price is not listed on a website it is like an invitation to look elsewhere.  I've heard rationale for not listing prices including not wanting to inform competitors, and wanting to engage in a more sophisticated conversation with clients about their needs, however I think you choose to exclude information at your peril.

Imagine you were interested in the products or services that your company offers.  Can someone make a buying decision without leaving your site?  If purchasing on-line is not an option, how much of the decision can they make before they need to speak to you?

Research online has become a natural part of the way we make purchasing decisions.  If your competitors are doing a better job of informing potential clients then you may be losing sales.

By Keith Jolie

In : Strategies 

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