Case Study: B2C marketplace website transitioning to B2B

Posted by Keith Jolie on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 Under: Case Studies: Business
One of Getting Brighter's clients, a Business to Consumer focussed website in Toronto with clients across Canada, had built a solid business and robust marketplace in the consumer space but was now entering the Business to Business space. They realized that they needed to present their business in an entirely new way to this clientèle, and they sought out the services of Getting Brighter to help them.
Expected outcomes:

Analysis of the clients that would likely buy their new services
Refreshed marketing focussed copy that can be used in proposals, brochures, web copy.   

 In a typical engagement like this, there are a few key steps we go through:

1.  Review of the current business

This step involves looking at a few key areas of the business and typically involves several meetings with key stakeholders in the business as well as the collection of associated materials as outlined below: 
  • Careful examination of the current marketing materials on hand - things like brochures, the website, proposals, and recent email marketing.
  • Review of consistent successes:  What business has been easiest to sell, what business is most profitable, what verticals or market segments have shown the greatest return?
  • Review of marketing challenges - what business has the business  been pursuing without success, where have there been misunderstandings with clients, what unfounded impressions does the marketplace  have about the business?
  • Company focus - what direction does the company leadership wish to take?  what additional products or services do they wish to introduce (if any)?  What products or services would they like to eliminate (if any)?
  • Competitive pressure - what are the competitors doing, and what are clients asking for / expecting?  

2.  Analysis and initial positioning proposal 
  • We perform a detailed analysis of the findings from the review of the current business
  • We create an objective summary of the current state of the business
  • We present proposed brand and positioning statements in order to direct the next stage of the discussion.  

3.  Finalize the brand positioning  - in discussion with our client we agree to the specific brand positioning and identify the final outcomes and deliverables that will allow the client to begin implementing the new strategy.

The outcome: Approximately 30 pages of documentation including:
  •  Client Profiles describing the individuals most likely to buy the new services
  • Key messaging for each client profile - highlighting the product benefits most likely to be of interest for each profile.
  • Core brand statements (an elevator pitch if you will)
  • Key differentiators that should be included in most customer facing documents
  • Copy for a corporate brochure as well as some suggestions and mock-ups of graphics to include in the brochure
  • generic proposal template that could be adapted to specific customer requirements.  

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