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Posted by Keith Jolie on Thursday, November 22, 2012 Under: Higher Education

Do you struggle with how to use facebook as part of your international marketing strategy?  If your strategy focusses on several countries then you may be looking for easier ways to localize content and obtain measurements related to engagement from those countries.  Up until now the only real way to tailor content for a specific region is to build separate pages to address those markets.  This can mean maintaining several pages and it makes consolidated analytics challenging. Well, facebook has recently announced that they are doing something about your concerns.

With Facebook Global Pages you can now present specific information based on the locale of the person visiting your page.  This means one facebook page url, with local results for your users and a specific message catered to them.  It looks as though you can customize the profile images and other content based on where a visitor is physically located. All the while you will be able to measure the results of your campaigns.  For those of you that already have several pages set up to handle different regional populations - there is also the ability to consolidate all your international pages under one consistent facebook page url - much less confusing for visitors, and even domestic visitors can be handled through the same page.

In order to take advantage of the new service you will need to connect with Facebook directly (i.e. it's not a self service option yet) - you can connect with them here:

I'm not sure what the criteria will be for the size of the account that they will  work with, but this struck me as particularly useful for Universities and Colleges looking to make regional connections with International students. 

Have you tapped into this resource?  drop your feedback in the comments.

By Keith Jolie

In : Higher Education 

Tags: recruitment international localization facebook "social media" 
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