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Understand your Business Development Cycles or Spin your Wheels

Posted by Keith Jolie on Tuesday, August 27, 2013, In : Strategies 
Of the three pillars critical to every business agreement  (the other two being authority and need), time is often the one that is discounted or that is assumed to be most malleable.  You might for instance ask yourself or someone in your organization questions like:

  • What can we do to make this deal come in earlier?
  • If we offer a pricing incentive can we close that in September?

While it is important to ensure that you’ve taken all the reasonable effort to make it easy for your clients to buy ...

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You Can't Specialize in Everything

Posted by Keith Jolie on Monday, August 19, 2013, In : Brand Building 
There's a local mechanic that advertises that they specialize in all makes and models.   An IT services company I worked with proudly proclaimed that they were focussed on small, medium, and enterprise business.  In any smallish town in Canada there is a restaurant that specializes in Chinese and Canadian Food.  I don't even really know what Canadian Food is really, but that's another discussion.

The point is that a specialization by definition is exclusive and limited to something very specif...

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