3 Reasons Red Bull Doesn't Belong in your Fridge

Posted by Keith Jolie on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Under: Strategies

3 Reasons Red Bull Doesn't Belong in your Fridge

If you walk into just about any bar these days you'll notice a small fridge sitting on top the other coolers/fridges where they keep their cold drinks.  It's squarish, with a glass front and it's only for Red Bull.   

I love this product positioning and branding for a bunch of reasons that you can think about and consider applying to your business marketing strategy. (Disclaimer:  I have no connection with Red Bull and Getting Brighter was not involved in their product marketing)

1.  Turn your market upside-down

Pop or soda...depending on where you are from has, for some time been only the generic "mix" for a cocktail, but Red Bull is taking a different approach.  Red Bull presents themselves on top of the bar (with the other spirits and the taps for the beer) and thus they are the centerpiece of a cocktail, not just the mix.  
If you are in an established market, trying to find a way to invert the perception of your product or service can be a great way to appear innovative or unique in your market.  Did Red Bull fundamentally change the way cocktails are made?  no. but they did place a higher priority on the soft drink part of the recipe.
Another example of this might be a restaurant that specializes in Chips and Fish, where really unique Chips are the emphasis from a marketing perspective.

2.  In a fridge of their own

You can't just press a button on the pop dispenser to get Red Bull - you have to go to the Red Bull fridge - this sets them apart from other soft drinks and makes them appear more desirable.
Identifying ways that your business is more desirable or distinct from your competitors will help you to carve out a niche market for your business.

3.  Location location location 

In every bar I've seen the Red Bull Fridges - they've been on the back of the bar where you would be most likely to see it if you were ordering a drink or sitting at the bar.  They are visually impossible to miss, and even provide their own lighting.
Think about your customers and how/when they buy.  Finding the ideal location to present your product or service is almost always tied to the how and when of the purchase.  Take control of as much of the experience as possible (design your own metaphorical fridge for your product and be sure it is well lit)

Getting Brighter can help start-ups and evolving businesses to better position their products and services.

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By Keith Jolie

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