"Google Keeps Calling Me!"

Posted by Keith Jolie on Friday, March 20, 2015 Under: local business
Recently there was a post in a local business groups facebook page about calls from “Google" - the post described ongoing calls claiming to be from Google hard selling on everything from top of page results to threats that their business wouldn't be listed on Google at all.  These calls are obviously coming from pretty shady organizations, and thankfully most people are smart enough to just hang up.

Business owners have enough to wade through without having to deal with these calls from unscrupulous companies.  They are annoying at best and in some cases downright threatening.  

What’s more concerning for me however is that just like a bunch of other water heater scams, telephone fraud and email scams not everyone recognizes them as a scam, so they pay out their money and often receive nothing in return.

The whole area of Search Engine Optimization, Search Listings, and Business Listings on Google is often misunderstood, full of myths and this leaves business owners vulnerable to fraud and scams.

I would hate to see even one local business get taken in one of these schemes so I created this guide to help local businesses educate themselves about the myths and misunderstandings about google search, advertising & SEO that these companies exploit and that could cost your business real money.

You can download the quick guide to the myths about Google and SEO that could put your business at risk here

I hope you find this useful and please feel free to share this with anyone that could benefit.

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