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What does a blog do for you / your company?

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Having a blog is a great way to ensure your website stays relevant and up to date, search engines reward fresh content and blogs contribute to a comprehensive SEO Strategy,and your blog is one more resource that you can make available to your clients as they research your business.  

In addition to acting as a strategic part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy your blog can be the content engine for many other parts of your plan including:

Newsletter Content

Regular blog articles are ready made and built in newsletter content that can help subscriber engagement and website traffic.

Social Media Engagement Points

Writing articles that evoke strong opinions or that contain resources can be utilized as part of your social media content strategy

Promotional Content Starter

Regular blog contributions can be compiled into more in-depth content pieces that can be produced as a stand-alone product or promoted as an incentive to join an email list.

How Can Getting Brighter Contribute to your Blog Strategy?

Getting Brighter can help you to build a blogging strategy from the ground up including:

  • Formulating a blog strategy that integrates into your overall marketing plan
  • Creating a blog schedule to keep you on track
  • Creation of blog content that positions you as an industry leader

What Makes a great blog?

Maintaining a blog and consistently creating quality content can be a challenge, but having a strategy, schedule and defined categories of content can help to keep you on track.  In order to create relevant content there are a few guidelines that you can draw upon for ideas and to ensure that you're staying focused:


Consider the questions that your prospects and customers ask you.  

Product and Services

Write about unique and interesting applications of your products or services - your prospects and clients may not be aware of the creative ways that you can offer value to them.

Industry / Specialist information

Providing insight into news and developments within your area of speciality can be very valuable to your audience.  Focus on the benefit to your clientèle.


Are you hosting an event or attending a conference that is relevant to your clients?  Your blog can be a great opportunity to promote your participation, to talk about an interesting speaker from a conference, or to publicize your community involvement.


Are you running a promotion?  Blog about it!